✨From control to freedom! June 2022 Astro!✨#superfullmoon #saturnretrograde #mundaneastrology

In this monthly astrological overview of the month of June, 2022: Narcissists vs empaths = how to protect Yourself and fight back? Saturn retrograde = about restrictions, interest rates, and working towards Your dreams gradually. Neptune retrograde = illusions we pull over our heads. Full Moon in Sagittarius = into addiction or healing? The choices … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Being vulnerable in relationships + Predictions for each sign!

In this week’s episode: Hot tips straight from the dating streets! Mercedes shares the story of the worst date ever? Deciding to date someone (or not) simply based on astrological signs – good or bad? The Freedom Astrologer weighs in. (Hint, don’t do it.) How to make decisions in relationships? Why are people scared of … Read more

“You are WRONG!” How to stand firm in Your truth?

„You are wrong! I didn’t want this! Who are You to tell me what I’m feeling?!“ She was agitated at best, starting to get completely off the rails. I could see and feel that in her energy as well. „I don’t want anybody controlling my feelings, emotions, and the things that I’m thinking about!“ By … Read more

A story of unpopular decisions + astrology for 2022, 2023

The Bull market It was 2021, autumn. Early autumn. Everyone was going crazy. Higher valuations, higher prices. “Buy now or regret it later!” “Your chance of generational wealth is now. If You miss it, You will be poor forever!” “Crypto is only going up! Price target 1000000!” Similar. I was looking at the astrology coming in … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – How to Change your Life! + Predictions for ALL Signs!

In this week’s episode: Having fun with darkness. Creating things in the material reality through meditation. The belief “Why won’t they love me?” Reflections from the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar eclipse. Transformation, and the things keepings us from doing it. Addiction to food, entertainment. The lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. Being appreciative of Your … Read more

Your greatest SEXUAL desire

I looked at her. With quiet nervousness I had been preparing for this moment. It wasn’t that I was not ready to ask or afraid of the answer. The question itself felt strangely unnerving, different to what I had been used to asking her. I looked at her once more, she was getting antsy “What … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Growing in Relationships + Predictions for each sign!

In this week’s episode: RELATIONSHIPS – why do I keep attracting the same type of partner in all my relationships? Taking on the relationship role model from our primary caregivers = judgments towards our past pain and parents. How to make decisions/changes in relationships and partnerships? A weekly practice to create more intimacy in Your … Read more

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 2022

As the metaphorical and sometimes literal death of Scorpio Full Moon Lunar eclipse draws near, I’m reflecting more and more on the experience of death, as well as the deeper meaning behind it = letting go. Death itself is a process of letting go. Grief is a process of letting go of that thing that … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – How Our Histories Influence Us + Astro Predictions for ALL Signs!

In this week’s episode: Estonia, and how small and beautiful it is. The vibration of the Estonian people. How our countries of origin influence us and how to break away from limiting beliefs associated with them? A personal story of suffering during WWII in Estonia, and how it influences future generations. Growing up in the … Read more

Create More Clarity in Life and in Relationship

Me and my fiancé have a weekly time set aside for ourselves as a couple. This is the time for us where anything goes. Sometimes one of us is stuck in some area of our lives. Often this gets brought to the table as well. “I don’t know what to do here.” “I’m unsure about … Read more